Michael R. Scotch


From behind the scenes footage to cast and crew interviews, we can film everything you need for your EPK. Whether a short film, television drama or a big budget movie, we know how to keep your EPK content interesting. Our team film everything in 4K to ensure video quality, allowing greater versatility in post production, and our expertise in filming behind the scenes means we know how to get the shot without getting in shot.


EPK is the best way to capture the production process and is good way to increase engagement with your potential audience. These days people want to see more than the finished product and understand the creative process, to see the work that goes into making a film or series. During production we closely follow the shooting schedule to ensure we don’t miss any pivotal moments and conduct thorough interviews with cast and key creatives to provide a narrative for the end video.


When it comes to editing, we work to our client’s specifications in terms of content and length of videos. When appropriate we like to show the most exciting aspects of the production period, the highs and the lows, and bring some real personality into the finished product. Our team have years of industry experience and provide a quality service that includes colour correction and colour grading.


We have experience of editing longer featurette style videos as well as shorter snippets for social media, meaning we are confident in our ability to provide a first class EPK video whatever our client’s needs.

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